How To Install In Slab Concrete Heating

Step 1: Pick A Location For Your Controller

The location for your controller will generally be the point that your heating cable or cables start from. They will then roll out from there to cover the heated area. Bring the cables up in the centre of a wall location so the heating cable feeds can be connected to the controller.

Step 2: Calculate Your Heated Area

Calculating the length of in-slab heating cable you require is quite simple. If you are attaching to the mesh (reo) at 200mm spacing, just allow 6 lineal metres per square metre of heated area. If you have a little left over, it can be simply run around the perimeter of the room to run out any extra cable length.

Step 3: Installing In Slab Heating Cable

The most common method of installing in-slab heating is to attach the cable the the reinforcement mesh. Using small cable ties is the best way to attach the heating cable to the steel reo. Just remember to face the cable tie tails downwards so they don’t pop out of the slab while pouring!

Step 4: Fitting The Floor Heating Controller

A licensed electrician must make the electrical connections. Depending on the size of the heated area, your electrician will either directly connect the controller to the heating cable, or use relays that are triggered by the controller. Contact us, and we will calculate the electrical loads and supply the correct relay and controller combinations.