How To Install Floor Heating Under Tiles

Step 1: Electrical Preparation

Whether you are heating a bathroom or living area, some basic preparations are necessary to complete your floor heating project. Generally, two conduits are installed from the floor to the controller`s location on the wall. This allows one conduit for the power lead from the heating mat, and a second conduit for the temperature sensor. The second electrical conduit is for installation of a “sensor sleeve” which allows the sensor to be removed from the floor at any stage in the future, if needed.

Step 2: Floor Preparation

Our under tile heating mats have a sticky back and double sided tape attached, which makes sticking the product down to the subfloor an easy job. However, it is important to have a clean and dry dust free surface to stick to. A great way to ensure you have a well prepared surface is to apply a multi-primer before laying your floor heating. This is a pva glue based product that you can simply roll on, let dry, then lay your heating. After the multiprimer is applied, your heating will easily stick to a waterproofing membrane, compressed sheeting, a sand & cement screed bed, or a concrete subfloor.

Step 3: Laying The Heating Mat

It is important to select the correct sized heating mat for your room as the heating element cannot be cut shorter if you have ordered too much. Please send us your floor plan and we will calculate this for you. The heating mat can be shaped to fit any room using the cut and return method as illustrated in the diagram. Avoid installing under any fixtures in the room such as vanities and cupboards, etc. As the floor heating mats are 500mm wide, the runs can be planned out with this in mind. If you have a section that is not 500mm wide or you are heating around a fixture or odd shape, the heating mat can be custom shaped to fit any space.

Step 4: Tiling Or Installing A Screed Bed Over Heating

If tiling directly over the floor heating, it is advisable to use a plastic notch trowel. Avoid using a steel trowel as they can be very sharp and easily damage the cable. Plastic trowels are available from most hardware stores including Bunnings.

If you are installing a screed bed over the under floor heating, it is important to use buckets of screed rather than running wheel barrows of screed over the heated area. Whilst the cables are not fragile, they can easily be damaged by tools and careless installations.

Step 5: Fitting The Floor Heating Controller

When it comes time to install your floor heating controller, a licensed electrician must be used. Since our controllers mount to a standard light switch or powerpoint bracket, it makes for an easy fit. Our floor heating controllers come preset and ready to operate. Simply turn on, set the time and enjoy your beautifully warm floors.

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