Bathroom Under Tile Heating

The perfect solution to heat your bathroom! Under tile heating consists of heating wires attached to a flexible mat which is installed within the tile adhesive (tile glue) itself. This type of heating is commonly installed in bathrooms and laundry`s, however can also be installed over larger spaces such as living, dining and kitchen areas.

Types of Under Tile Heating

Undertile heating is generally available in 2 different types, heating cable only or heating cable attached to a flexible fibreglass mat. These 2 types can vary in wattage, ranging from 100 watts to 250 watts per square metre. We find that our 160 watts per square metre heating mats give the optimum performance for both economy and heat output. For most under tile and inscreed applications, our 160 watt mats are thin enough to sit within the tile glue if installed just under the tile, and powerful enough to heat through most screed beds if installed in screed.

Product Details

Our under tile heating mats measure 3.8 mm in thickness. This is perfect for under tile installation as the heating can then sit totally within the tile glue. For example: If a tiler uses a 10mm notch trowel, when the tile is placed, the glue will compress to around 4mm, thus “capturing” the floor heating wholly within the tile adhesive. Our heating mats also have a “tacky” back and ultra thin double sided tape which makes attaching your floor heating to the screed or waterproofing an easy job.


Bathroom Heating Running Costs

The average sized bathroom requires around 2.5 square metres of heating. For these small areas the wattage is quite low and when combined with a good thermostatic controller, most people wont notice the extra running costs on their electricity bill. Our touchscreen controllers, that are supplied in every heating kit, do an incredible job of regulating temperatures at different times of the day. For example, the default schedule already programmed into our controllers raises the floor temperature during peak times and reduces floor temperatures over night and during the middle of the day to conserve power. Of course, you can adjust these setting to suit your life style.

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