Electric Underfloor Heating

At Customheat, we focus on providing simple heating solutions to all areas in the home or office. Whether you require electric floor heating for one bathroom, or you wish to heat your entire house, we are with you all the way!

We carry a full range of electric underfloor heating products that will suit any room for both residential and commercial properties.

Under Floor Heating Installation Options

There are two options when it comes to installing underfloor heating in your home. The first option is to purchase one of our DIY underfloor heating kits and install yourself. It really is quite simple, and we will help you every step of the way. You will need a licensed electrician to make the electrical connections for you, however laying the heating elements is a very simple job. If you provide us with a simple floor plan with measurements, we will draw an installation diagram for you, making heating your area as easy as 1,2,3

The second option is to call us and we will arrange one of our approved heating contractors to install your heating system professionally. Either way, call us to enjoy the benefits of warm floors in your home.


Advanced Floor Heating Control Systems

With modern technology comes some great benefits in floor heating control. Our touchscreen controller/thermostats not only look great, but will save you money too! They do this by adjusting your floor temperature to suit your lifestyle perfectly. Customheat controllers are the ultimate in electric floor heating control, and when combined with our warm radiant heating products, cold feet will be a thing of the past!

Talk to us!

At Customheat we love chatting about in-floor heating. Call us today and let us help you with your floor heating project.