In Screed Heating

In-screed heating is a common type of underfloor heating that is widely used in residential and commercial buildings due to its ease of installation and comfortable heat it produces. It is a great solution for heating bathrooms or other tiled areas that become very cold during the winter months.

A major benefit of in-screed heating is that a sand & cement screed bed is a good conductor of heat. Once heated by the electric heating cable, heat will transfer evenly through the screed to the flooring above. Common types of flooring used with in screed heating are porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, slate, marble, granite, wood and a myriad of other surfaces.

in screed heating

Types of Heating Cable

The in screed heating cable may be either loose heating cable or heating cable attached to a sticky fibreglass mat. At Customheat, we love installing the underfloor heating mats due to the heating wires already being pre spaced. It`s simply a matter of rolling out the product, shaping around any objects in the room and sticking down. Your electrician can then make the necessary electrical connections.

Customheat floor heating mats are rated at 160 watts per square metre, however we can supply 200 watts per square metre in situations where a greater than 40mm screed bed is to be laid. In applications where greater than 60mm of screed is used, we recommend using our in-slab heating cable.

Installation Note

It is very important that heating cables must not pass over any expansion or control joints. In this situation, it is advised to run seperate cables running either side of the joint to avoid crossing.

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