In Slab Electric Floor Heating

In-slab heating is an efficient and cost effective type of heating that produces a beautiful warmth for small and larger areas. For home heating projects, living, lounge and dining areas are ideally suited for in-slab heating.

How Concrete Slab Heating Works

Generally when heating a concrete slab, heater cables are attached to the steel reinforcement (or Reo) before the concrete is poured. The electric heating cable is then incased within the slab. Due to the heat being produced from inside the concrete slab, the concrete is slowly heated as an entire mass and then radiates a gentle warmth to the room. A temperature sensor located within the slab allows the thermostatic controller to regulate the slab temperature perfectly. Our in-concrete slab heating kits also include a special nylon sleeve for the temperature sensor, which allows removal and replacement of the temperature sensor located within the concrete slab.

Heating Cable Quality

Customheats in slab heating cables are produced from high quality materials and undergo several high level electrical tests before being approved for installation. We stand behind our products and offer a 15 year warrantee on all of our heated cable products.

In-Slab Heating Cable Installation

Customheats in slab heating cable is rated at 20 watts per lineal meter. Most concrete slab reinforcement (Reo) has 200mm spacing of the longitudinal wires. This spacing is ideal for attachment of the heating wires. Therefore, approximately 11 metres of heating cable is installed per square meter of concrete slab. This produces a heating output of 220 watts per square metre. We have sizes from 10 lineal metres to 140 lineal metres. For larger areas, several cables can be installed to create heated zones, which may be connected to single or multiple controllers.

Expansion Joints and Floor Heating

It is very important that heating cables are not installed across any expansion joints. With areas to be heated that include expansion joints, multiple floor heating cables can be installed to create zones, thus avoiding the crossing of any expansion joints. Several zones can be connected to a single controller if required.

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