Under Carpet Heating

Undercarpet heating is type of under floor heating that may also be used for installation under floating timber floors. Our carpet heating kits can transform the coldest room in the house into a beautifully warm and cosy place to be. Other types of heating, such as reverse cycle and electric fan heaters encourage dust circulation and emit more warmth at your head than your feet. Our undercarpet heating does not create air movement and is friendly to allergy sufferers.

How Under Carpet Heating Works

Undercarpet heating consists of a heating cable situated within a reinforced foil mat. The foil is a good conductor, and allows excellent heat retention for an even radiant warmth to be transferred through to the carpet or wooden floor above. As the element is located just beneath the carpet, this creates a fast response time, resulting in almost immediate heat being produced within the room.


Under Carpet Heating Installation

Generally, the heated foil product is simply rolled out and installed on top of the carpet underlay, sitting just underneath the carpet. The foil mat is taped down to the underlay, and is suitable for installation under any type of carpet. When installing, we usually lay the heating approximately 250mm away from any walls or fixtures within the room. It is also possible to shape the foil accurately to suit any room. If you are heating an odd shaped room, or wish to cut around fixtures such as lounges, entertainment units or fire places, it is all possible with Customheats under carpet foil heating. Contact us and we will create an installation diagram to suit your room perfectly.

Installation Tip

Since our product is 0.5 metres in width, if you have a wall that is divisible by that measurement, (taking into consideration the space not heated on either end), consider installing from that wall to the opposite wall. This way, your runs should work out perfectly! Of course, you will need the correct length foil mat by measuring or contacting us first for advise. Measure twice, cut once!

Under Carpet Heating Controllers/ Thermostats

Our touchscreen controllers/ thermostats are simply amazing. Our controllers mount to a standard light switch plate and are available in white, silver and black. Included in our kits is a carpet temperature sensor, which will regulate the temperature of the carpet perfectly to suit your lifestyle. The inbuilt timer function allows schedules to be set. This allows for different temperatures to be set at different times of the day. This is a great tool to decrease heating power consumption and increase warmth at the times you need it.

Under Carpet Heater Technical Information

Description Twin conductor heating cable with earth
Type double insulated, earth screen and sheath
Voltage 240 Volt AC
Cold Tail 2.5 metre twin & earth
Cable Diam 1.3mm
Standard IEC800 Class II
Warrantee 15 Years

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