Generally, your heating can be placed under a screed bed if the bed is to be less than 40mm thick, or on top of the screed bed to sit just […]

Step 1: Electrical Preparation Before installing under carpet heating, some basic electrical preparations are necessary. A single conduit is to be installed from the floor to the controllers location on […]

Step 1: Pick A Location For Your Controller The location for your controller will generally be the point that your heating cable or cables start from. They will then roll […]

  Step 1: Electrical Preparation Whether you are heating a bathroom or living area, some basic preparations are necessary to complete your floor heating project. Generally, two conduits are installed […]

Underfloor Heating Running Costs There are several factors that determine floor heating running costs. The size of the heated area and the set temperatures are important variables affecting the cost [...]
How Do Hydronic (Water) Heating Systems Work? A Hydronic Heating System warms a room by passing hot water through a series of pipes located within the floor, or through fixed [...]

Using a multimeter to test underfloor heating, can easily be done yourself… Here’s how. Test 1: Resistance test between the active and neutral on the heating element. By setting a […]

If you are floor heating larger areas such as living, dining and lounge areas etc, it is important to plan in advance. By using series of smaller mats to make […]