DIY Underfloor Heating

Customheat specialises in providing the perfect DIY kit for any heating project.

Our DIY Floor Heating Kits Include:
Quality Floor Heating Element
Easy to use Touchscreen Controller
Floor Temperature Sensor
Sensor Tube
Layout Diagram

Floor Heating Element

There are 2 types of under floor heating elements. These are loose cable and cable attached to a flexible mat. The mat type makes installation super easy, as the heating cable is pre spaced on the mat,
making it very quick and easy to lay out. The loose cable is also a great product and is primarily used for in concrete slab installation, as it can be cable tied directly to the reinforcement (reo) within the concrete. For most tiled areas including bathrooms and laundries, the cable attached to the mat is the preferred product.

Quality Floor Heating Controller

We are very proud of our floorheating controller, as it is produced with high quality components, and is very easy to use. Its menu based operation is intuitive, making program and setting changes a breeze!
Our controllers mount to a standard Australian switch plate bracket (vertically), making fit off super easy for your electrician.

DIY Underfloor Heating

Towel Rail Controller Option

For a little extra, you can step up to the RX10 model controller, which allows a heated towel rail to be connected directly to the floor heating controller. A heated towel rack is a great addition to any bathroom, and when controlled by a schedule timer, you will always have a warm fluffy towel waiting for you after every shower or bath!

Floor Sensor

The floor temp sensor sits just beside one of the heating wires (usually about 30mm) and lets the control panel know the current temperature of your floor and adjust power as necessary.

Sensor placement is very important, so please read the instructions or call us to confirm the best placement for your floor sensor.

Sensor Tube

Every kit comes with a sensor tube designed to sit within the wall and floor to “house” the sensor probe, allowing it to be removed and replaced in the future if necessary. Generally, the sensor tube will sit within a standard 20mm electrical conduit to keep it straight within the wall. The instructions in the kit will show you how to instal this correctly.

Layout Diagram

If you provide us with a basic floor plan with measurements, we will draw you a professional plan showing the size and placement of the floor heating. This diagram will show you where to start, layout and finish your installation, making it an easy DIY job.

Electrical fit-off

Connecting your heating and fitting your controller to the wall is a job for a licensed electrician. Please don`t attempt this yourself as it is illegal and dangerous for a non qualified person to make electrical connections.

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