How To Install Under Carpet Heating

Step 1: Electrical Preparation

Before installing under carpet heating, some basic electrical preparations are necessary. A single conduit is to be installed from the floor to the controllers location on the wall. This allows the power lead from the heating mat and the temperature sensor probe to be brought up to the controller location.

Step 2: Where To Install Under Carpet Heating

Simply install your carpet heating mats on top of the carpet underlay. The carpet can then sit on top of the foil based heating for a toasty warm floor.

Step 3: Laying The Heating Mat

Choosing the correct sized under carpet heating mat for your room is important as the element cannot be cut shorter. Please send us your floor plan so we can work out the correct size for you. The under-carpet heating mat can then be shaped to fit any room. Avoid installing under any fixtures in the room such as vanities and cupboards, etc. As the floor heating mats are 500mm wide, the runs can be planned out with this in mind. If you have a section that is not 500mm wide or you are installing around a fixture or odd shape, the mat can be custom shaped to fit any space. The under carpet heating is taped down with a special aluminium tape that also acts as a conductor. This tape is supplied in your DIY carpet heating kit.

Step 4: Laying The Carpet Over The Floor Heating

Simply lay the carpet over the heating and enjoy your beautifully warm floors!

Step 5: Fitting The Floor Heating Controller

A licensed electrician must fit and connect the controller. Depending on the size of the heated area, your electrician will either directly connect the controller to the heating cable or use some relays that are triggered by the controller. Contact us and we will calculate the electrical loads and supply the correct relay and controller combinations.