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We are a small Aussie business, helping DIY home owners heat their homes all over Australia. We specialise in DIY underfloor heating and Slab Heating kits, which can easily be installed into bathrooms, kitchens or any other room in the house for perfect radiant heated floors. We stand by our products 100% and will be with you every step of the way. We love giving installation advice and taking calls on the weekend, as we know that’s when you will probably be installing your in floor heating.

What are the benefits?

More effective and economical: Conventional radiators and fan heater systems, heat the surrounding air, which cools down quickly. Underfloor heating is more effective and economical as it heats the floor itself, which holds the heat, resulting in long lasting radiant heat.

Takes up less space: One of the great bonuses of under floor heating is that it essentially doesn’t take up any space, the electric heating mats are easily installed beneath the floor! So you don’t need to try and cover up a big ugly furnace with a pot plant. Heated floors are a decorators dream!

Easy to Install: Electric underfloor heaters are easy to install. So, rather than paying out your hard earned money, you can DO IT YOURSELF!

Not sure what size you need? No problem!

Step 1

Draw a plan of your area to be heated.


Step 2

Take a pic with your phone, text to 0415 112 112

take a pic

Step 3

We will text you back with the correct size!

Let us help you start your DIY heating project!

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