In screed underfloor heating floor sensor placement

How far should you place the sensor from the heating wire when installing under tile heating?
It is important to get this right, or there will be an underfloor heating sensor problems. It`s quite simple how underfloor heating sensor installation be done, just place the floor sensor at the same distance that the heating wire will be from the eventual top of you tile.
That way, your controller should display roughly the same temperature as the top of tile temperature, and regulate nicely. It is also really important that the controller be set to “F” (only reacting to the floor sensor) and NOT set to “A” (air temp) or “A & F” (combination or air and floor temp).
Customheat controllers have a built in air temp sensor, which is there as a backup only incase the floor sensor is damaged or has been forgotten to be installed.
At Customheat we pre-program your controller to the correct settings and test the sensor and controller on the bench before sending out to you.

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