RX-12 Lighting Timer / Controller


Introducing the RX-12 lighting timer / controller! Available in White, Black & Silver


Available Colours


    White controller


    Black controller


    Silver controller

RX-12 Touchscreen Lighting Timer / Controller

RX-12 Touchscreen Lighting Timer & Controller. Available in White, Silver & Black

This product is fantastic for controlling indoor and outdoor lighting, such as garden lights, step lights, and wall lights. Rather than have an ugly mechanical or difficult to operate digital controller located at your fuse box, this classy looking controller can be mounted in your home in a similar position to a light switch. Alternatively, its a great upgrade if you are replacing an outdated timer that is located inside your electrical box or control hub. I personally have this product controlling my garden and step lights. I have them off during the day and turning on at 5pm until 5am. This controller is super easy to adjust, and it can also be operated as a manual switch. It displays the time on the screen when on, which is always very handy! This really is a quality unit that is super easy to operate, unlike just about every other timer I have tried!

This controller also has an internal battery backup in case of power failure. Due to this battery backup system it is perfect for connecting to C-bus, Control 4, or other home automation systems that can isolate power to the unit.

Made specifically for the Australian and New Zealand market, the RX-12 controller is super easy to use, and mounts vertically to a standard light switch plate / power point bracket. Your electrician will thank you and you will save time and money when installing as it is no harder than installing a light switch or power point!


  • NEW MENU DRIVEN SOFTWARE: so easy to use, you won’t even need to read the instructions!
  • Mounts to a standard light switch or power point bracket (vertically)
  • 24 hour week day and weekend timer
  • Large back-lit display
  • Internal battery backup. Will resume last setting after a power outage and maintain clock. Perfect for connecting to automated systems like c-bus or similar that controls power to the unit.
  • So easy to fit your electrician will be smiling!
  • Available in White, Silver and Black

5 year warrantee on your control panel! “ What?? ”,,,“ 5 years?? ” I hear you say… Yes, I will replace your control panel free of charge if you have any troubles with it. I stand behind my products and I really look after my customers, as I REALLY appreciate your business.





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