Creative Home Remodeling Ideas You Have Never Thought Of

The environments that we live in have a significant effect on our overall well-being. Our homes are more than just a place to hang our hats, they are the space in which the hearts and minds of our families and friends develop within, it’s design, functionality and feel directly affect us.

Investing in creating a home which brings out the best in us, and compliments our quirks has value beyond a price a price tag.

We have found some cool remodeling ideas, to offer you some creative inspiration for your next home renovation.

Economical Refrigeration

It may look reminiscent of a post apocalyptic underground bunker, but an underground fridge actually makes a lot of sense. A ground fridge uses the natural insulation of the soil beneath the house to keep cool.

It will stay at a stable 10-12 degrees all year around, without electricity! If you wanted it cooler, you could of course integrate a refrigeration unit and still spend less on electricity… Plus, we think it just looks cool!

underground fridge

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

Make Good Use of A Large Backyard

If you have a large backyard, introducing a spacious outdoor living area is a great way of creating some extra livable space for social gatherings and just hanging out. The beauty of outdoor living spaces, is costs are kept lower, as you don’t need to build sturdy walls, all you really need is a roof to keep the rain out!

Outdoor Living Room

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

Converted Barn

If you live on a farm and happen to have an old neglected barn, whether it be made of stone or wood… don’t let it go to waste!

It’s the perfect opportunity for creating a seperate dwelling on your property, great for guests, a man cave or just a little getaway which is not so far away.

converted barn

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

Dreaming in the clouds

Ever have dreams of flying up in the clouds? A hanging bed is a fun way of bringing some magic into the kids room… it’s a DIY project you could get really creative with; a magic carpet flying through ancient persia, soaring high above the andes mountains or up through a blue sky in the white clouds. We found some great examples of hanging bed DIY projects to check out!

hanging bed

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

A New Bathroom Renovation… For The Dog.

Your pets are part of the family, so have you ever considered making their own bathroom?

It might look a little comical, but if you have a big stinky dog it makes sense!

pet bath

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

Let The Scenery In!

A great view is often wasted with thick walls and little window space. If you’re lucky enough to have a view worth savouring, don’t cover it up with thick walls! Your environment deeply affects your psyche and opening up a space in such a way, with large windowed areas greatly improves your overall well-being, especially if you live by the sea or out in the country!

sea side room

Image Courtesy of Drow Studio

Install a Hammock in the Terrace

Who doesn’t love swinging in a hammock?

Add an extra level of comfort to your terrace living area, by installing a hammock. On a nice day, nothing beats lazing in a hammock burying yourself deep into a good book.

hammock in house

Image Courtesy of Dacreativa

Pirate Ship Bed For the Kids

Aye Aye Captain!

If you’ve got kids, they’ll love this one!

pirate ship bed

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

Minimalistic Floating Staircase

Floating staircases are an interesting feature that can work well in some homes, particularly fitting with modern home design. They take up less space and give the illusion of floating in thin air, bringing a true wow-factor to your home.

Floating Staircase

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

Couches For Hanging Around

Hanging couches, the most relaxing way to ‘hang out’… It doesnt get much more relaxing than gently swinging on a hanging couch on a warm spring day!

hanging couches

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

Bring the Lounge Room Into The Kitchen!

People often spend as much time in their kitchens as they do in their bedrooms and living room. Cooking and eating can be very social activities, we find ourselves gravitating to the kitchen. Usually there’s bar stools or wooden seats… But these are often uncomfortable. So why don’t we have couches in our kitchens? Well some people do! There is a new trend of putting living room furniture into the kitchen.

We think it’s a great idea. But before you do, just remember the kitchen can be a messy place, so think twice about what upholstery you use!

kitchen sofa

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

Create an Extended Shower Room

A great home renovation idea is creating a sauna like shower room. It’s a great option, that really changes the showering experience. Having so much space you are able to build seating, and extra storage space. It’s also a great option for handicapped as they are able to easily gain access to the shower.

huge bathroom

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

Make Use of Your Attic

When considering ideas for your upcoming home renovation, don’t forget the loft!

It’s quite common to see lofts converted as bedrooms, but another option is to convert a loft area into a main living space. Loft conversions are very economical as they make use of already available space, which too often gets completely forgotten about, becoming a cobweb kingdom. Not only is does it  look great and add unique character to your house, homes with loft rooms increase in value by approximately 20%!

loft room

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

Create a Tree Feature in Your Semi Outdoor Terrace

Trees purify the air, they make us feel connected and we feel a sense of well-being around them. Weaving plants into the design of your home terrace is a beautiful way of bringing together the natural elements of nature with a contemporary home design.

If you are considering planting a tree n a semi outdoor terrace, just consider the potential size of the tree you are planting as well as finding a species of tree suitable to the environment in which it will be planted.

Tree In House

Image Courtesy of Dacreativa

Rustic Bathroom Design

Using wood features in your interior design is a great way of creating natural, tranquil spaces. In this example, wooden logs have been used to create a wonderful roof feature. It’s a timeless look and is cost effective as well… as the logs of wood have not been processed but used in their natural state.

We think it’s a great bathroom renovation idea to consider!

rustic bathroom

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

DIY Bedside Hanging Table

This is an easy and cost effect DIY home renovation idea! Use a nice cut of wood and suspend it from the roof to create a magical floating bedside table!

bedroom renovation ideas

Image Courtesy of Dacreativa

Make Use of the Space Beneath Your Stairs!

Usable space is often a commodity in a house, the space underneath the stairway is often unused. A great way of utilizing this space and not letting it go to waste is to create a small living area with a couch and some book shelves. It’s a cozy little nook which will be a great spot to relax and read!

lounge under stairs

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

DIY Tyre Table

Here’s a fun creative DIY tip! Create a rustic table using a car tyre and tweed rope.

Cut out two circular wooden disc to create a top and bottom for the table. Then screw the first disc to the tyre. Next, start from the middle, gluing the rope, laying it in a circular fashion, continue laying it out as it spirals towards the edges. Continue all the way across the sides of the tyre.

Once you reach the top edge, cut it off and glue the end of the rope down. Now, screw down the wooden top of the table, and voila, your own DIY tyre table!

tyre table

Image Courtesy of Dacreativa

Don’t Be Afraid of Colours!

We usually use light coloured paint for the walls in a home, it creates spaciousness and brightens a room. Often times people are downright frightened of using dark colours when painting a room. But we should reconsider!

  • Using dark colours brings a lot of character into a room.
  • Dark walls show less shadows.
  • Dark colours are great for bringing out features such as artwork or unique furniture.

Although we think being bold with dark colours can pay off, we do suggest to be careful in how you use them!

black decor

Image Courtesy of Dacreativa

Eclipse Bathroom Mirrors

Use backlighting behind your bathroom mirrors to create a really cool solar eclipse effect.

eclipse mirror

Turn Your Apartment Balcony Into an Outdoor Terrace

In a small apartment, when the little space you have is of such great value, it would be a shame not to make the most out of your balcony. Consider creating a closed off outdoor living area, it will give you some extra privacy and an additional living space.

apartment terrace

Image Courtesy of Dacreativa

A Bathroom Island in the Master Bedroom

A great bathroom renovation idea, is creating an open plan bathroom in the bedroom. The idea might seem a little bit on the alternative side, but it’s a great way of creating a greater feeling of space in both the bathroom and the bedroom. Installing under tile heating is an excellent way of heating an open bathroom, without the clutter!

bathroom in the bedroom

Image Courtesy of Design Your Spaces

Open Your Space With a Sun Room

Creating a sunroom with the purpose of a reading nook is a fantastic home renovation to revive your inner bookworm. Having a dedicated reading space with an open flow of light and comfortable seating will invite you to spend more time in exploring the world through the beloved medium of books.


Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

We love this kitchen pantry design. If you want to save space in your kitchen, de-clutter but still have quick and easy access to all your spices and ingredients, a design like this will be really handy!  

Building the spice rack on the inside of the pantry doors, gives instant easy access to them as soon as the doors are open. It’s a great space saver idea, looks great and is incredibly convenient!

Amazing kitchen pantry design

Image Courtesy of Broker Luther

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of inspiring home renovation ideas!

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