8 Reasons Why Underfloor Heating is the Best Heating System For Your Home

It’s simple, underfloor heating is better for you, your wallet, and the planet… It’s the best way to heat your home!

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your bathroom, you’ll inevitably arrive at the question of how to heat the space.

Under tile heating offers you a way to heat your home inexpensively and luxuriously.

Underfloor heating systems are set up beneath your floor; they can go under nearly any floor material and work by circulating heat throughout the entire floor space.

The floor heats up and gently warms up the rest of the room.

Underfloor systems generally circulate either water or electricity, and each offers benefits over traditional heating systems such as reverse cycle or portable heaters.

If you’re thinking smart you’ll see that underfloor heating will save you money, enhance your space, and even reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are 8 reasons you should install underfloor heating:

Installation is a cake-walk

You might imagine that underfloor heating installation requires major renovations, but it is actually quite simple, many laminate models are so simple that you can actually do it yourself, saving you money.

Underfloor heating is adaptable

Whether you want a tile, wood, or carpet finish, electric underfloor heating will work for you.  No need to think about whether you have access to water, drainage or gas as with forced air or radiator type heaters.

alternative ways to heat your home

It just looks better

One of the reasons that it’s truly the best way to heat your home, is with no visible components taking up wall or floor space, you’ll be able to claim every inch of your room. Clean lines make for better interior decoration, and open up more space in each room. You can also stop worrying about dust accumulation in those spaces taken up by other kinds of heaters.

Breathe calm

Most forced air or radiator type systems can leave your house feeling stuffy and dry all winter long. Underfloor heating systems don’t blow dust around your house meaning you won’t be sneezing throughout the cold months. Additionally, underfloor systems don’t have to super heat to get your house warm. Spread over your entire floor they can bring your room to a perfect temperature without drying out the air. Heating your room from the floor up also means that you warm the air you occupy first, and it’s easier to heat the space to a comfortable temperature. And with a heating thermostat controller, it has never been easier to be in full control of the temperature of your home!

Safety first

No more bulky metal radiators hulking in the middle of your wall waiting for you to ding your shin in the dark of night, or scald you when you accidentally lay a hand on them. Underfloor heating systems mean you and your kids will never burn or bump yourself again, you can relax in the quiet serenity of radiant warmth.

Save money every month

Radiant floor heating can be up to 15% more efficient than traditional heating methods; this translates directly to more money in your bank account, making it one of the most cost effective ways of heating your home. Why? First off, the entire heating mechanism is enclosed, meaning no energy lost through ducts or pipes. Traditional heating systems also often have to generate more heat because they are not spread out- they super heat the air near the radiator or blower because they inefficiently distribute heat. Not only is this less comfortable, it also means that it costs more to maintain the right temperature for you.

Maintenance free

Once installed, underfloor systems are largely maintenance free. With passive functionality and no moving parts, well installed systems can easily last for the life of your home. No need to think about calling the repair-person to come and fix your central heating system, as under floor heating is built to last. Before you install your system tough, we recommend using a multimeter to test underfloor heating

Planet friendly

Underfloor heating is the more sustainable choice. Underfloor heating systems mean heat isn’t lost in transit like systems that blow air through ducts as heat is generated and circulated locally. For those who are environmentally-minded, underfloor systems are also adaptable to different energy sources. Have solar panels on your roof, or want to develop a passive solar system that turns sunlight into heat for your home? No problem with underfloor heating. In fact, it’s actually one of the best systems for using solar energy to heat your home. It’s simple, underfloor heating systems are better for you, better for your wallet, and better for the world.

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